Ophidian was founded in 2011 with the goal of producing high quality British made loudspeakers that outperform their physical dimensions.

All Ophidian loudspeakers feature the unique AEROFLEX bass topology which ensures clean and accurate bass reproduction from both small and large speaker systems.

Every Ophidian loudspeaker is hand built in the UK to exacting quality standards.

Hundreds of hours of design, prototyping, measurement and listening tests have gone into creating each Ophidian loudspeaker. I hope you enjoy the final result!

Gareth James - Director/Designer

AEROFLEX is a unique bass loading method that enables even the most compact cabinets to deliver clean, accurate bass.

Ported or reflex speakers, as they are commonly known, re-use what would otherwise be wasted energy from the rear of the bass driver to boost the low frequencies.

Unfortunately in most systems the size of the port is inadequate leading to unwanted noise and distortion and reduced dynamics.

By utilising a much larger and longer port system AEROFLEX drastically lowers air velocity, properly controlling the driver throughout its stroke. This greatly enhances dynamic range and ensures the speaker produces the same tonal balance at both high and low listening levels.

The complex port system is built into the cabinet itself enhancing structural rigidity which in turn improves the quality of the midrange.

The electrical crossovers in all Ophidian loudspeakers use components from industry leaders Mundorf (Germany) including audiophile grade capacitors, pure oxygen free copper coils and metal-oxide film resistors.

The use of such high quality components ensures that signal integrity is preserved from beginning to end and music sounds as it should.

All Ophidian loudspeakers feature drive units designed to deliver music free from distortion and as naturally as possible.

To reproduce the high frequency range cleanly we use tweeters from renowned manufacturer SEAS of Norway.

Featuring Sonolex coated fabric diaphragms they provide a detailed yet smooth performance that is easy to listen to for long periods.