Clever design and the highest quality components

Advanced cabinet design

The hand built cabinets of Ophidian products are carefully designed through a combination of computer aided design and optimised through prototyping and listening tests. The solid construction offers a stable base for the drive units to perform their best.

Our cabinets are built to the highest quality standards by top cabinet makers and feature a range of real wood veneer and paint finishes.

AEROFLEX port technology

Ported, vented or reflex speakers as they are commonly known re-use what would otherwise be wasted energy from the rear of the bass driver to boost the low frequencies - much like a turbocharger on a car. The greatest problem which ported speakers face is the velocity of the air in the port.

As velocity in the port rises its ability to limit and control cone movement at these frequencies disappears leading to chuffing noises and wasted energy. While devices such as flares or dimpled surfaces can help smooth airflow they cannot make up for the insufficient port area which many ported boxes suffer.

Our AEROFLEX solution uses a much larger and longer internal port in order to massively reduce air velocity by 200 percent or more while avoiding many of the side effects suffered by full length transmission line designs. Building the port directly into the cabinet greatly increases the structural rigidity and allows the use of thinner outer panels which store less energy and require less damping - in turn improving the quality of the midrange.

AEROFLEX properly loads the driver right up to its maximum excursion enhancing dynamics and ensuring the speaker produces the same tonal balance at high volumes as at low volumes - all within a more compact package.

High definition crossover design

The electrical crossovers in all our loudspeakers use only the highest quality components including audiophile grade capacitors, pure oxygen free copper coils and metal-oxide film resistors.

The use of such high quality components ensures that signal integrity is preserved from beginning to end.