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Ophidian loudspeakers now available in many new audio shops

Both the M-series and P-series speakers are receiving a very warm welcome around the UK with those who've listened. We're proud that our loudspeakers are now available in many new stores around the UK.

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JULY 2016

New Prophet P-series high performance loudspeakers COMING SOON

After a successful first showing at the 2016 North West Audioshow the new Prophet series P1 and P2 loudspeakers are about to go into full production.

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JUNE 2016

Come and listen to the new Prophet series at the North West Audio Show

Ophidian will be at the 2016 North West Audio Show at Wychwood Park on Sunday 26th June to launch our new Prophet P1 standmount and P2 floorstanding loudspeakers. The M-series will also be on display and tickets are FREE!

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MARCH 2016

Sound and Vision Show, Bristol 2016

Ophidian was at the Bristol Sound and Vision show last weekend to show our M-series loudspeakers and a preview of the new Prophet P1 high performance stand mount loudspeaker.

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MINIMO, MOJO and MAMBO win Hifi Critic Recommended award

Renowned Hifi reviewer Paul Messenger took a look at the M-series loudspeakers and liked what he heard.

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MINIMO, the smallest speaker in our range, has won an award.

Ian Ringstead reviewed a pair of MINIMO for the online magazine Hi-Fi Pig Extra where it scored an impressive 8.7/10 and won the "Hi-Fi Pig Recommended" award.

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JULY 2015

Ophidian at the North West Audio Show 2015.

The show at Cranage Hall was a great success and almost 1000 people turned out to come and have a listen.

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JUNE 2015

Come to the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall in Cheshire this Sunday 28th June and listen to the new M series loudspeakers, MINIMO, MOJO and MAMBO.

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MAY 2015

We're pleased to announce two new models in our M-series range.

MOJO is a compact stand mount and MAMBO a floorstander with an exceptionally compact footprint.

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Ophidian is proud to introduce MINIMO - a highly compact speaker capable of surprising performance.

Now available for demonstration at Doug Brady Hi-Fi, Warrington and Adventures in Hi-Fi, Chester.

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